Training and Support


Penguin Insurance Services provides continuous training and support to all brokerage producers, affiliates, and staff. Our comprehensive training program will equip you with the tools necessary to operate your brokerage efficiently and effectively. The Penguin training staff combines more than 30 years of industry experience. This accumulation of knowledge is at your disposal as you pursue profitable growth. Those brokers who take full advantage of the Penguin training regimen find themselves making better use of their time. An educated approach to the insurance market is an efficient approach. Our training program covers basic insurance concepts, risk assessment, proper quoting/binding procedures, account management, customer service, marketing techniques, and much more.

Penguin Insurance Services specializes in Personal and Commercial lines, Workers’ Compensation, and Life Insurance. Our sales and marketing training will empower you to attract more prospects and optimize your closing ratio. The curriculum is delivered through classroom presentations, webinar sessions, and self-paced online training courses.

Our training program includes, but is not limited to, the following components:

  • Onboard Orientation presented in three brief sessions.
  • Ten-Week Comprehensive Training provided on a rotating schedule for all lines of business.
  • A mandatory initial Onboard Training provided as two days of intensive training for brokers and staff members.
  • Webinar Classes offered on a tailored basis, depending on your brokerage’s particular needs.

Marketing Support

Our marketing support extends well beyond the realm of training and education. We will provide a dedicated call center, unique direct-mail programs, out-of-the-box websites, cooperative advertising, event marketing, and more. You will find these tools an invaluable help in the growth of your business

Service Support

Our team is dedicated to helping you retain customers. In many ways, you may think of the Penguin corporate staff as your brokerage’s operational “back room.” We will help you manage your client alerts, carrier communications, and renewal actions. We will also help you avoid missed payments, late fees, and cancellations by continuously auditing your accounts. Penguin’s auditing capability will ensure that your accounts are properly documented and carrier-compliant for your protection.

Customer Service Center

Special circumstances may arise in which you require additional help. For example, consider the possibility that you may find it necessary to take a temporary leave of absence from your brokerage for whatever reason. We strongly believe that your clients should experience a “seamless” continuation of quality service regardless of any such leave, and we trust that you agree. Accordingly, Penguin can function as a full-service customer care center during your leave. This service is offered on a value-added fee basis. (This service is also available on a permanent basis, if desired.)

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